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Privacy Policy & Terms of Service 

We will never do anything funky with your personal info!


Posted by Joshua Oudin, 6/25/18

In my opinion, we should be able to take it for granted that companies will never sell or share customer information. That's why at Fun Ukulele we only use your email address the way it is meant to be used - for conversations or order information and never for advertisements or other spammy stuff.  We will never share any of your info with anyone outside the company. I loath junk mail in all its forms, so we don't even have a mailing list and it would take a lot of people specifically asking for us to start one. When it comes to security, our small business only use ultra-secure processing services from heavy hitters like Paypal to securely accept all forms of payment on our website. Nobody at our company can see the specifics (credit/debit card number, bank account data, etc) of any payment method when an order is submitted on the site. Not even me. We do everything we can to be respectful & responsible with your data.


Our family-run business depends on your trust, and we'll keep doing our part to earn it.




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