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The Fun Ukulele Company

Since our founding in 2009 we have maintained the tradition of hand craftsmanship, producing instruments with delicate attention to the needs of the player, because we are ukulele players ourselves. Each instrument is built by hand without the use of CNC or other automation. We blend traditional luthiery with innovative materials and use exclusively reclaimed and sustainably managed timber and recycled materials. Each instrument is one of a kind and built to the highest standard of workmanship, design and playability. 

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"Joshua, thanks for building me a one of a kind 5 string tenor for all reclaimed woods. It has a nice deep tone and the sustain is great. The fret dressing is excellent, better than my other custom ukes. Again, thanks for your dedication to fine musical instruments."

-Roy Wood, Dallas Texas 2014


"Hard to put it down. You really customized the set-up to fit my playing style, the neck and 19" scale lets my old fingers move smoothly up the neck and as I like songs with lots of chords this unique instrument is a true blessing. Thanks Joshua." -Roy, 2017


Unsolicited client reviews:

custom ukulele

"I was the first person to get a solid body made by Josh. Super happy with mine!" -Mathew Tyme Eldridge 2019


"I have just received my Custom “Fun Ukulele Co.” Tenor Electric Ukulele... It’s a piece of art, a very fine instrument. It sounds huge, clear, amazing. Lot of sustain working with effects (chorus, delay and reverb). Smooth and very comfortable along the neck. High playability! Thank you very much Joshua Oudin and Fun Ukulele Company for the amazing work." - Alberto Gomez Castro 2019

"Josh thank you so much for the uke. I am in love and have never played more in my life." -Bronte Ellis, Sydney Australia 2013


"You are the Stradivarius of ukuleles!" - Generous exaggeration from an anomymous listerner. 2017


"Josh, the tone is fantastic!" -Brad S. Scottsdale, Arizona ​2016


"I'm SOOOO in love with my new baritone by Joshua! A master, you are!!!" -Ashley Beck Mckinney, Texas 2017


"This ukulele is absolutely great. Engineered sound, technically spot on, holds its tuning exceptionally, and has a rich sound with amazing sound output. I really love this instrument Josh, I will enjoy playing it for the rest of my life." - Dee Wasserman @ukuleleshorts 2017


"You do amazing work, and the fact that you "love your job" is apparent. You are an Artist in the truest sense. The Soprano sounds sweeter with each new day, and the Sopranino, well its just the cutest darn Uke on the Planet." -Dee Wasserman again, big mahaloz to @ukuleleshorts


"The sopranino is amazing. Every one who hears and sees it is amazed at the work, construction, and beauty of the instrument." - still more praise from Dee Wasserman 2018

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