Aloha Jason! Thank you very much for your order. This private page is where I will post updates and photos of the build process.


Concert ukulele:

• Juglans hindsii back and sides (Claro walnut)

• Chamaecyparis top and neck (False cypress)

• Cordia dodecandra fretboard with contrasting fret indicators (Ziricote)

• Black polymer bindings with black and white fiber top purfling and rosette 

• Bridge material and headplate pending to match fretboard. Likely to be Cordia or Swartzia species, possibly Diospyros celebica.                      (Ziricote, Moridero, or Macassar ebony) 

• Hand-polished varnish finish 

• Grover 8N open-geared tuners, chrome and brass with black buttons.

Price including a basic case: $1,620 CAD plus freight (- $486 down payment 9/20/18) = $1,134.00 plus freight.


(Finish date updated 8/1/2019) To be completed no later than December 2 for shipment by December 4th pending completed payment. Fun Ukulele serial #1872

10/1/18 Your Chamaecyparis top:

10/1/18 Here is your Cordia dodecandra fretboard. It will darkens considerably once it is polished and oiled, which I have shown in the second photo by rubbing it with some ethanol. 

10/2/18  Chamaecyparis top joined. This wood smells awesome. I think it would pair well with neroli and vetiver, maybe some orange. 

10/3/18 Juglans back joined, sides profiled.  This is the back, joined and sanded to 100 grit:

10/3/18 The sides, wetted with glycol ethers to show color and figure: 

10/6/18 Chamaecyparis neck roughed out. Scarf joint cut, leveled and flattened. 


Sides bent


Top thicknessed, rosette routed and installed. Braced and labeled back viewed through roughed-out sound hole; 


Neck rough carved, headstock laminations complete. The front of the headstock features layers of maple and Claro walnut and the rear features a few mm of sycamore 'north american lacewood.' I am considering staining the blonde Chamaecyparis neck to a mahogany-esque color. Let me know if you have any thoughts. 

10/23/18 Sides joined, linings installed.

10/24/18 Side ring profiled, back glued up. 

10/25/18 preparing to 'close the box,' e.g., glue on the top 


Reclaimed bamboo fret markers inlayed, fretboard sanded and profiled:

10/27/18 frets installed

1/10/19 Order cancelled by request. 

7/30/19 Order rebooted. 

10/18/19 "closed the box," completing the basic structural assembly of your ukulele's body. 

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