Happy birthday Tony, and welcome to your custom ukulele build page.

This is where I will summarize all the details of your custom ukulele and keep you up to date on the process. Since there are a wide variety of custom options available, those details remain to be determined. Your 30% down payment of $720 is taken care of, so everything is set to design and begin construction of your custom ukulele worth $2400 CAD. Your range of options are quite diverse and include tenor, concert and soprano sizes, any combination of scale lengths, and a range of wood options. Your instrument will feature protective nylon bindings with decorative purfling lines and rosette, a buff satin or matte finish, and Grover tuners. Designing your instrument is an important part of the process and it is where the fun really starts. 


Here are the details of your instrument that we have nailed down so far:

• Swartzia cubensis back and sides:

• Chamaecyparis spp. known as "false cypress" or "yellow cedar" for the top and neck.

• Cordia dodecandra "ziricote" fretboard with bamboo side fret dots. 

• Purflex Florentine2 purfling and fat rosette to emulate this example:

We are aiming to emulate the width, not the exact pattern on the Purflex. Same proportions but with the Florentine2 design.

• Matte finish

• headplate to match the dark appearance of the body and fretboard. 

• Grover tuners

• Macassar ebony bridge

• bone nut and saddle

Your instrument will feature products and/or materials from my personal collection of wood reclaimed from various sources over the years, primarily estate furniture. It will also feature materials from the following suppliers:

https://www.lmii.com/ (wood, finish materials, fretwire)

https://www.stewmac.com/ (finish materials, tuners)

http://purflex.net/ (purfling, rosette)

https://alaskawoods.com/ (Chamaecyparis)

Here is your Florentine2 purflex design, layed out on a slice of maple to approximate the color contrast of your finished top. When purflex is finished the contrast is increased; the blonde is lighter and the negative areas are deeper black. The purfling is of course going to be joined by the binding and several thin contrasting lines, so the binding and rosette will match very closely on the finished instrument.

10/18/19 Your beautiful Swartzia back has been bookmatched and joined, and and the sides are bent. 

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